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9th Annual WSA Cup Tournament Results


               Hall of WSA Cup Champions
2009 WSA Cup Winners and Runners-Up

U9 Girls Gold Champions 
NOKC Red 00 

U9 Boys Gold Champions 

U10 Girls Gold Champions 
BUSA Basira 99 

U10 Boys Gold Champions 
TSC 99 

U11 Girls Gold Champions 
ESC 98 White 

U11 Boys Gold Champions 
Blitz United 98 Navy 

U12 Girls Gold Champions 
Blitz United Navy 97 

U12 Girls Silver Champions 
Maumelle Dragonflies 

U13 Girls Gold Champions 
PC United 96 

U13 Boys Gold Champions 
Bartlesville 96 

U14 Girls Gold Champions 
WSA 95 

U14 Boys Gold Champions 
MCW Alliance 95 

U16 Girls Gold Champions 
WSA 94 

U16 Boys Gold Champions 
CVFC 93 

U9 Girls Gold Runners Up 
Thunder Morroco 

U9 Boys Gold Runners Up 
WSA 00 

U10 Girls Gold Runners Up 
TSC 99 Black 

U10 Boys Gold Runners Up 
Blitz United White 99 

U11 Girls Gold Runners Up 
CVFC 98 Red 

U11 Boys Gold Runners Up 
WSA 98

U12 Girls Gold Runners Up 
TSC 97 Black 

U12 Girls Silver Runners Up 
WSA 97 

U13 Girls Gold Runners Up 
WSA 96 

U13 Boys Gold Runners Up 
PC United 96 

U14 Girls Gold Runners Up 
Wichita Storm 

U14 Boys Gold Runners Up 
Hurricane 95 Flores 

U16 Girls Gold Runners Up 
Extreme 93

U16 Boys Gold Runners Up 
WSA 93