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Welcome to the WSA Uniform Purchase Portal.  To begin your WSA Uniform purchase please select your correct program from the menu above (or I-Phones menu scroll down & laptops/desktops see menu righthand side).  

2022-2023 WSA Uniform Pricing.  The regular price for NIKE Elite Kit has been reduced from $295 to $255.  This price is offered to help relieve some of the cost to those players who are registering in the "off-year" of the 2-year uniform cycle, and will need to make a subsequent purchase next year.  WSA Uniforms are purchased on 2-year cycles.   Further, WSA players have an option, if approved by their team coach, to purchase a WSA Generic (Non-NIKE) uniform for $155.  The WSA Youth Academy Kit can be purchased for $135.   All Uniforms must be PRE-PURCHASED with a down payment required before they will be dispersed.  Payment plans are available for all uniform purchases for your convenience.  Price of uniform includes sales tax, and does not include a 2.5% transaction fee. 

After purchasing the uniform, print the email receipt and take to the SOCCERUSA store.  A RECEIPT IS REQUIRED TO PRESENT at SOCCERUSA's STORE to receive the uniform. 

WSA thanks SoccerUSA for working with the club on offering these reduced price points for the "off-year" of the uniform cycle.