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1. How do we size for the uniform?  Tulsa players can size at the clubhouse during clubhouse hours.  If the clubhouse is not available players can use a teammate's kit.  There are limited options to exchange if your size does not fit, so it is important to try to size before ordering. 

2. What if I cannot find a time to size?  Try to borrow a teammate's uniform.  Or make the order with your "best guess" at size and then if needed request a trade out if uniform size does not fit.  Most important -

3. What if we do not have time to do #2 or #1 above prior to
June 5?  Please submit your BEST guess at your size. 

4. If we do not "try on" the uniform, and we pre-pay, what happens if it does not fit?  The club will allow one "re-size" opportunity within teams after uniforms arrive.  Your team will receive your uniforms and if you want to re-size PRIOR TO the final placement of jersey #s, this will provide an opportunity to do a "trade-out".  

5. Is the uniform payment refundable?  No.  The uniform payment is non-refundable. 

6. When is the purchase and sizing final?  Once the jerseys move from your team setting to have jersey #'s placed, the purchase is final and no returns or exchanges will be permitted. 

7. When is the order deadline?  The deadline to order for fulfillment prior to your first game is
June 5th. 

8. What if I miss the deadline? The uniform order may be late. Depending on global inventory, factory production, etc... your uniform may arrive on time or at late as October/November. 

9. What if I am joining the club late?  The club has created a method to overstock in all sizes by margins of new members forecasted.  We will maintain a limited number of overstocked uniforms on hand during the Fall and Winter.

10. How do I select my jersey number?  The jersey number selection process will be primarily determined by your team.  You are asked to provide 2 preferences during the order process.  These will be shared w/ your team coach. Each team will have a jersey number selection process unique to the team. 

11. What cut are the jerseys?  All jerseys for male and female, youth and adult sizes, are standard unisex cut.  This translates roughly to "men's cut".  

12. Are the female jerseys women's cut?  No. 

13. Are the shorts men's or women's cut?  All female uniform kits will receive WOMENS CUT shorts in adult sizes, and youth cut in youth sizes (unisex).  All male uniform kits will receive MENS CUT shorts in adult sizes, and youth cut in youth sizes (unisex). 

14. What Color are the Shorts? Female uniforms will include RED & NAVY shorts. Male uniforms will include WHITE & NAVY shorts.

15. How do I size for socks?  Most players 11U-19U prefer MEDIUM sized socks, while most 6U-10U prefer small sized socks.   Sock size chart below are recommendations from NIKE. 

SOCK SIZE Mens Shoe Size Womens Shoe Size Youth Shoe Size
SMALL 4-6 5.5-7.5 3Y-5Y
MEDIUM 6-8 7.5-9.5 5Y-7Y
LARGE 8-12 9.5-13.5 NA

16. How do I order a Goalkeeper Kits and Backpacks?  Goalkeeper kits and backpacks will be available and offered to purchase in person.  

17. How do I order WarmUps, Pre-Game Tops, Pink Month Add-Ons?  These are all team items and will be ordered by team.  Info coming soon to team managers on how to pre-order these items.