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Player Centered Model

WSA has embraced (since 1995) a "PLAYER-CENTERED" and "VALUE DRIVEN" model for teaching, instructing, and leading youth players.  As the club has expanded its reach into semi-professional soccer the club leaders have determined this to still be the proper model towards excellence.  

The premise of this model is: 

  • THE PLAYER will be the center of all organizational decisions (business, financial, soccer). 
  • Values strived for will be related to creating a transformative culture for THE PLAYER. 
  • Club structure will reflect that THE PLAYER is centered (organizational structure includes "Players Council"). 
  • The focus of club growth and development plans will be THE PLAYER. 
  • The focus of club mission and vision statements will be THE PLAYER.
  • Appraisal of club success will be related back to THE PLAYER experience.
  • THE PLAYER will be afforded feedback, input, and opportunity to shape club leadership (via the "Players Council").
  • THE PLAYER is the "who" that we lead, manage, coach, instruct, and are responsible to.  The constant pursuit of understanding THE PLAYER at various stages of development and relative ages, will be an energy rich investment of ongoing education, resaearch, coach and leadership development.  
  • Coaches and Staff will be hired who have a heart for teaching, instructing, leading THE PLAYER and also have a passion for embracing and building a transformative culture for THE PLAYER. 
  • Club leaders and advocates agree to hold each other accountable to returning all focus to THE PLAYER during times of adversity, critical decisions, and in day-to-day operations and routines.