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Club's Restructure Clarifies Roles 

Hall of Fame coach, and a community staple in Oklahoma soccer spanning 5 decades, Coach Kerry Shubert, has been formally announced as the WSA Girls ECNL-RL Program Director.  

"Kerry is renowned in Oklahoma soccer, brings a wealth of coaching and leadership experience, and makes perfect sense for the position he's already initiated at WSA the past 18 months, and will continue into the future with our current vision of leadership," reports Ryan Bush, WSA Executive Director.   "The addition of Kerry to an already expansive and experienced staff, a deep player pool, and a rising program, is great for soccer Oklahoma.  Kerry's leadership of this program will be a game changer for girls soccer in Tulsa." 

The position and official announcement is simply a fomality, as Shubert has assumed the role of Director of the WSA Girls Regional and National League programming, the past 18 months. 

WSA Executive Director, Roger Bush, added, "Coach Shubert's accolades shed some insight into his leadership and coaching.  However, most impressive and poignant is his heart and values that align with the club's.   Kerry is the right person to transition WSA Soccer to a nationally prominent league platform. He will lead coaches, educate parents, train players, and will facilitate creating a wholistic program for our girls teams, and our girls players, competing at a Regional and National level."  

The WSA girls program participated 18 teams in ECNL programming this past year, which included 300+ female players.  It was WSA's first year playing within the ECNL umbrella.  The girls club competed in the RL-Texas Conference and RL-NTX Conference.  Currently several teams are alive to qualify for post season play. 

Shubert previously led Oklahoma's most successful Girls ECNL program in history at TSC-Hurricane.  His experience with ECNL programming, as well as in coaching National League teams make him the perfect fit for WSA's vision for expanding it's current programming.  

"WSA is committed to providing the best opportunities for our players.  Competing in ECNL-RL and ECNL-NTX we currently have 18 teams under ECNL leadership," reported Shubert, who joined WSA in the Summer of 2020. 

Shubert will oversee and manage player development, staffing, administration, budgeting, and operations for the WSA Girls ECNL-RL programming.  He will collaborate with current WSA Girls Leadership Staff, John Rhein, the WSA Girls Director; and Donivan Bradshaw, the WSA Girls Technical Director.  Other announcements regarding WSA Girls program leadership will be named in the coming days to help augment the club's leadership structure aimed at catapulting the newly cast 5-year vision for WSA.  Shubert, Rhein, and Bradshaw have over a decade of working as a team in leading girls programming, which provides not only individual experience, but synnergistic leadership.  

The leadership structure being put in place will help support the largest, and still fastest growing, soccer club in Oklahoma.  WSA currently supports 3,000+ players, and 150+ teams.  WSA is forecasted to have as many as 22 girls teams competing in national and regional league platforms in 2022-2023. 

Providing focused leadership, through coordinated structure and delegation, to catch up with the recent growth, is the obective of the minor structure revisions.  Shubert's role will be to oversee the approximately 20 teams in ECNL programming.  Ryan Bush, WSA Youth Academy Director, and Alex McLaurin, WSA Senior Technical Director, will continue in their roles in player devleopment supporting the girls (and boys) programming from their current positions, integrating collaborative efforts with Coach Shubert's position.  More info will be posted soon on the full structure revision. 


Kerry Shubert, who was inducted into the Oklahoma Soccer Asscociation Hall of Fame in 2011, has won 19 State Championships, with six different teams.  He is among the most decorated coaches in Oklahoma soccer history. 

His '78 and '79 Capital City Elite teams first garnered championships for Shubert in his early days of coaching.   He would also win multiple State Titles with '87 OKC Royals, '92 Hurricane, '93 Hurricane, and '95 Hurricane. The sustained success, across multiple teams, is one of the most impressive coaching accolades in Oklahoma Soccer history. 

He also was coach of one of just a handful of Oklahoma Soccer teams to have captured a USYSA Regional Championship in Oklahoma soccer history (top 4 in the Nation), having done so with '78 Capital City Elite, and '95 Hurricane.  

His '95 Hurricane team reached the National Championship game.  This feat has been achieved in Oklahoma only enough times requiring one hand to count.  In 2011 his '95 Girls were ranked #1 in the Nation, and were crowned National League Champions prior to their run to the National Championship game.  They would then begin play in ECNL, in the subsequent season, and reached the ECNL National Semifinals. 

He also led the '03 and '99 Girls to ECNL Conference Championships in the Texas Conference.  And three times Coach Shubert has had teams reach the ECNL Quarterfinals with his '95, '97, and '03 teams. He's also had 5 teams he coached finish in ECNL's top 10:  95's, 97's, 98's, 99's, and 03's.  

Shubert served on the ECNL PDP Staff for 5 years, helping identify and select top female talent in the U.S.  

From 2000-2003 Coach Shubert served as Tulsa University Women's Soccer assistant coach.  In 1996 he won the Oklahoma State Championship with the Edmond Santa Fe Boys, and in the same year was named High School Boys Coach of the Year.   In 2007 he was named Oklahoma Soccer Association Girls Coach of the Year. 

Shubert currently is a USSF Nationally licensed coach, has his National Diploma with Distinction, and received his B.S. from Oklahoma Christian University in 1992.  He played 4 years of college soccer at OCC, captaining his team his junior and senior season, before moving to a brief semi-pro career for the Oklahoma City Warriors (1992-1993).