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Online Player Profile Instructions

Setting up My Online Player Profile




STEP 1: Go to YOUR WSA TEAM PAGE by visiting “Teams” on the WSA Website.


STEP 2: Click on your name on the team roster section.


STEP 3: Click on PLAYER LOG IN (green plug-in button)


STEP 4: Click on the "click here" link in the tan box to have a PIN # sent to your email (this takes about 30 seconds). Remember your PIN - or each time you log-in you'll have to have it sent to you again. 


STEP 5: Return to the log-in screen and enter your email address & your PIN # -- This will take you to the PROFILE QUESTIONS SECTION

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you have problems w/ this step READ THE FOLLOWING:   You may need to discover which email address has been entered on your behalf by clicking on "player email" at the player's profile screen.  We may have entered your parent’s email address or an old email you no longer use. Note you can change your email address AFTER you have logged in using the one entered for access rights. We encourage players to use THEIR OWN EMAIL address if possible -- if necessary create a free YAHOO account.  If you cannot access your account b/c you no longer use the email address we have entered or are not sure which email address we have entered please contact 



You are now at the screen w/ several different questions to answer to complete your online profile.  As you answer these short questions please be mindful of spelling, grammar, and typos -- college coaches may use this information as their FIRST IMPRESSION of you!  


PERSONAL INFORMATION - REQUIRED -- complete all sections 


ACADEMIC DATA - REQUIRED - complete all sections: NOTE if you have not taken or are waiting on results for the ACT or SAT put "pending" or "n/a" in that field


PHYSICAL SCORES - OPTIONAL - only complete sections of scores in which your result was impressive!  All scores entered must be verified by our staff or standardized (generally these scores come from the annual "WSA Physical Combine Test-In".) NOTE we have designed the public presentation of your profile such that this information will NOT appear on your public profile UNLESS you enter a score.  So don't feel bad if you don't enter any scores -- the coach will not see that you have chosen not to -- he will only see what you choose to display. 


SOCCER INFORMATION - OPTIONAL - we recommend completing each section of this that is applicable.  We recommend noting your "strong foot" especially if you are LEFT footed!  


ACADEMIC HONORS - OPTIONAL - we recommend completing some of this section if applicable. 


OTHER INTERESTS/NOTES - OPTIONAL this is a chance for you to add anything that we did not cover in our profile template.


REFERENCES -- REQUIRED -- it is required to list at least 2 references -- club coach, high school coach, teacher, employer, director of coaching, former coach.  List the name and cell phone and/or email for each reference.  Where applicable note the coach's relationship to you, i.e. "current club coach" or "former h.s. coach".


UPLOAD PLAYER PHOTO -- CHOICE -- you may be given the right to do this personally or your team administrator may do this so all photos are uniform.  If you choose to upload your own personal photo you must follow the parameters below:

a) JPG Format

b) Exact Width of 144 Pixels (pixels can usually be changed in the CUSTOM FORMAT/SIZING option of your photo software)

c) File Size of 75k or less.  Usually this can be adjusted by changing the "image quality" of your photo and you can discover the file size when viewing the file in your "finder" application or in its "folder".  


DONE: HIT SAVE.  Only hit save AFTER you have completed the entire profile!