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Message Sent 5/27/2022


To see who has registered to your team:

1. Log-in to your team's GotSport Account (if you are a coach without log-in please ask your team manager or admin or asst prior to asking the club to see if you can resolve this at a team level). 
2. Go to "Rosters". 
3. In the dropdown choose "Player Pool". 
4. On April 30th we deleted all players from the "Player Pool". 
5. Any player showing in the "Player Pool" will be a player that has registered this year (2022-2023). 
6. If a player is not listed in the "player pool" roster, and they report that they did register, this means they selected a different team.  In this particular case you should email Simon, Rachel, Adriane, Kurt, or Roger with the players FULL NAME and SPELLING in the SUBJ: line.  We will look up the player to find out if they have in fact registered for the season.  NOTE: Selecting a different team is common because we did not revise team names for the upcoming year, and the only team names available in the drop-down were from last year. 

7. JUNE 1st is 5 days away and the first payment installment is due.  As a reminder players who do not register prior to June 1st who have chosen a 12-month installment plan to pay membership fees, will owe a back-payment for the month of June.  If players delay past July and August the same will be applicable.  There is not an exception to this because these are payments towards the annual invoice, and not "monthly dues".   
8. DEADLINE TO REGISTER PLAYERS FOR PRIORITY ROSTERING IS JUNE 10th.  After June 10th rosters will begin to be generated by all registrars in the club from the "player pool" of currently registered players.  Once all 180+ team rosters are generated, proximate to July 15th, then all additional registered players (those registering after June 10) will be added.

Thank you! 
Roger Bush
West Side Alliance S.C.
Executive Director
C: 918 629 4476