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Frequently Asked Questions about Academy Program

 Lil Alliance - Frequently Asked Question’s
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Academy coaches offer training and instruction to the player,and guidance
and education for the parent. Pictured here, u8 boys coach, Alex McLaurin
meets with his team during halftime on a hot afternoon. 







Academy teams may participate in academy leagues and tournaments. 


Q: What is the difference between an "academy team" and a "recreational team?"

A: A recreational team plays in Green Country Soccer Association under UYSYA rules and teams play each other that are near the same location. An academy team is formed through Lil Alliance Soccer Academy under US Club Soccer. An academy team may be formed of players for several different rec teams.  Academy teams at the moment will be registered with US Club Soccer for all events.  


Q: Can my child play on a recreational and academy team?

A: Yes. More than likely an academy team will roster players from several different recreational teams. The recreational teams will receive first priority over the academy teams within the WSA Club concept if/when practices and games could overlap.  


A: No. The Lil Alliance Academy welcomes players and families from all clubs and even players who are not a member of a club.  First time players are always welcome as well! Membership in Lil Alliance Academy will entitle you to all of the necessary privileges of a full-fledged SSSC/WSA membership. 

Q: When do academy teams train and play games?

A: Academy teams train only once or twice a week pending on the time of year. The date will be different for each academy team, but all the academy staff coaches prioritize the recreational teams training over their own academy team training and will do their best to work around the recreation team(s) practices. 
Games should not interfere very often. 

Q: What is the difference between academy training and the training I am getting now?



Most training groups will be formed so that there is not a large discrepancy between levels of players. This allows for more challenging, advanced, and focused training sessions.  This enables the accomplishment of certain training objectives that are not possible in practice environments with a broad spectrum of different levels. 
In addition all training sessions are conducted by WSA staff coaches, who are either former collegiate or professional players or coaches, or have attained national/state licenses.  Training objectives are coordinated by the Director of Coaching and Lil Alliance Player Development Director so that sessions have a focus topic that is integrated into the club’s player development curriculum.  Our academy program will attempt to meet the requirements of ALL players’ levels in the club through various training groups provided as the demand requires.   The common denominator between our club’s rec program and academy program will be the priority of creating a FUN EXPERIENCE for the child.


Q: Where do the academy teams play?

A: Currently, there is one academy league in the Tulsa area. The league is called the Oklahoma Development League and games are hosted at sites in Tulsa. Games are on Sunday afternoons between 1pm and 5pm.  As academy programs expand clubs will host "friendly" scrimmages and small event tournaments that could be played at any club’s home site.  Some matches will be played at WSA fields. 

Q: Are there tournaments for the academy teams?

A: Yes.  Different teams participate in different events.  Email the team coach to get specifics on which events your age team will participate in.  Generally speaking u9/u10 academy teams play in 2 local tournaments per season and u8 teams play in 1 local tournament per season.


Q: How do I get my child on an academy team?

A: Contact Justin Phillips or Roger Bush, Director of Coaching and let them know you want to sign up for a team.

Q: What do I have to do to sign up for an academy team?

A: Become a US Club Soccer member (annual registration cost of $15) and receive approval from the academy team’s coach, and academy director. 

Q: Why join an academy program?









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