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New Look Website for The Side

   West Side Alliance S.C. is excited to announce its partnership with Demosphere and the launching of a new look website that will hopefully enhance the club’s web presence and improve the functionality of the site.  "The growth of our program required a new strategy to updating the website," reports club Director of Coaching, Roger Bush.

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        New Look for WSA Website (cont.)

         The new site will enable multiple web administrators to play a role in keeping the site up to date.  While there will be many new looks to the new site, there was a strong and sincere effort to maintain some of the key hallmarks of the previous site.  Bush points out web designers, Skip Whitehurst, Cecilia Whitehurst, Joey Kennington, and Jason Foster for their hard work on the WSA website over the past 15 years.  One of the primary advantages of the new site will be the ability of teams to access and to maintain their own team pages. "Keeping Mark Foster happy is always at the forefront of our decision making process," reports Bush.        


          In addition to many new features including video platforms, sponsorship links, and calendars, the club will also simultaneously launch a college profile platform allowing the over 100 college prospects currently playing for WSA to administer and update their resumes and profiles from their own computer.  "It is a step in the right direction and something we need to do on behalf of our older players in the club," says Ryan Bush.  

          While the previous website was not kept up to date, that will change now.  Expect the website to become a very functional and useful tool for players, parents, coaches and administrators.  The first new article of the new website era at WSA has been posted!