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WSA Recognition Night; Players & Volunteers Honored

The Tradition Continues...

 WSA Recognition Night was held Thursday, June 24th, and in the time honored tradition, players, teams, volunteers were all recognized, the past year was recalled, and a page was turned and a chapter written in the tradition rich program called West Side Alliance S.C.  Click "+" to read more and see list of award winners... 


     The Annual WSA Recognition Night included not only individual and team awards but recognition and acknowledgement of volunteers, coaches, and partners of WSA.  The event was staged at GUTS Church in Tulsa, while DJ Cameron took care of the music and lights.  Director of Coaching Roger Bush, and assistant Director of Coaching, Ryan Bush, were the night’s MC’s, and as always the children were the stars.

    Coach Kevin King was voted the WSA Coach of the Year.  Coach King coaches the 96 girls and was voted by the coaching staff.  Coach Adam Gardner and Coach Mark Foster were the finalist for the award.  Coach King was credited with his unifying and motivating character as a leader on behalf of kids.  

     The WSA 98 Girls Red were recognized as "Team of the Year" for their year of successes and triumphs, which were many.  This award was also voted on by the coaching staff.  And Mr Harry Jones was presented the First Annual WSA Fan of the Year, for his passionate support of the club program and especially the boys of the WSA 94 Team.  Director of Coaching Roger Bush said of Mr Jones, "He has not seen a rain cloud without a silver lining, and the only thing he will share with you is how great things are or can be or will be."  Mr Jones received a WSA Uniform jersey with his name and the #1 on the back.   

     The recognition concluded with the showing of the annual WSA Slideshow and Highlight Video.  This year’s production, "Realizing Destiny" included a historical look back at the club’s origins and then fast forwarded to the present day player.  Overall the event was considered a success.  Please see below for the acknowledgements given during the program: 



FOOTBALLERS OF THE YEAR  These awards are presented to the players who embody the attitude, work ethic, leadership, and commitment to excellence both on and off the field that the WSA club is proud to embrace as it’s signature.  The winners are nominated by the coaching staff and voted on by the coaching staff.  Over 500 players play for WSA each year so the awards are a prestigious and esteemed honor.  The 2010 Footballers of the Year are:

Kayla Foster (98 girls Red), Ben Peralta (95 boys), Dylan Beaird (94 boys), Stephanie Pearson (93 girls), Nichole Sexon (99 girls blue), Curtis Mayo (96 boys blue), Addison Car (02 Girls), Brinkley Howard (01 Girls), Marissa Doll (98 Girls Blue), Lindsey Dunlap (99 girls Red), Marissa Caballero (99 girls White), Derek Gonzalez (97 boys Red), Daley Bird (93 boys Blue), Zoe Terrel (96 girls), Logan Jeffus (99 boys blue), Dillon Alexander (93 boys Red), Moises Peralta (98 boys), Ezekial Clark (98 boys), Riley Francher (03 boys), Carmon (03 boys), Abbie Woods (95 girls), Aleecia Howard (97 girls), Jae Anthony Williams (00 girls), Luke Jeffus (01 boys), 00 Boys Team, 97 Boys Blue Team

WSA’s ESPY’s (Exceptional Sports Performance of the Year)

Performance of the Year Several were nominated, but Marco Hernandez’s performance for WSA 92 boys in the state semis, playing on a severely injured ankle trumped all.  Marco entered the match for the 92’s and inspired a performance that eventually brought the game back to level and forced O.T. 

Save of the Year Were any bigger than Taylor Bennett’s that sent the 94 girls to the state semifinals.  She is the penalty kick stopper. 

Celebration of the Year Thank you Casey Price for bringing back the “passion” of the goalscoring celebration.  Casey’s hat trick for 97 blue saw goal one and goal three celebrated with equal passion! 

Comeback of the Year & Moment of the Year WSA 93 Boys Red come from 2-goals behind to win vs TSC for the OPL Championship in the league finale on home ground, then parade the WSA Banner around the lighted pitch in victory celebration.

Result of the Year WSA 97 Boys Red led state champion favorite Thunder 97 for most of the match before “settling” for the draw.  Less than one year ago WSA did not qualify to play in the same league. 

Game of the Year WSA 94 boys state semifinal match vs Celtic included 3 different occasions to lead for WSA. The drama and roller coaster of emotion would be disheartening for WSA who lost in overtime and gave way to the equalizer only 1 minute from full time. Goal of the Year Sammie Duininck’s (WSA 92) header to equalize in the state semis might have been magnified because it was his third game tying or go ahead in state cup play off his “noggin” in the past two years (and the 2nd time he sent his mates to OT w/ a dramatic slam dunk header against Edmond).  Might be best 3 goals in 2 years!

Assist of the Year When Jacob Bulman dropped a gem of a ball on the foot of Dylan Beaird during the State Semifinal it left the bench in awe.  Jacob, noted more for tackling, set down a beaut for Dylan who finished and put WSA back on top 2-1 for the moment in the back and forth tilt. 

SPECIAL RECOGNITION OF VOLUNTEERS The WSA Club recognized several volunteers whose service, charity, and leadership went beyond the call, and whose generosity was a model for what servant attitude means.  These leaders helped from organizing events, to maintaining and repairing fields, to administrating club business, registration, overseeing finances, etc.. etc.. etc..  Each received a long standing ovation as a sign of appreciation (and a gift card to the Outback Steakhouse & Amigos Tshirts).  The special appreciation went to:

Chris Foster, Curt Mcginis, Ken Lovelee, Brenda Lovelee, Nick Bradford, Jamie Bradford, Amy Smith, Teddie Harmon, Melissa Foster, Greg Hamilton, Jeremy Herrington, Rebecca Williams, John Williams, Ellen Edwards

CAREER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD WINNERS: Bobby Behrens (WSA 92 boys) and Devon Bullard (WSA 92 girls) were each recognized as WSA Career Achievement Award Winners.  The two began their careers at 10 years of age in 2002 with the WSA Club and upon graduation have both earned soccer scholarships and helped lead their respective teams to become the most decorated class in club history. More notably, both were models of commitment and work ethic throughout their careers.  Coaching Directors Roger and Ryan Bush pointed out that both players were great examples of the WSA model player, great ambassadors for the sport and our club.  

Oklahoma Premiere League Champions

WSA 93 Boys Red

WSA 92 Boys 

GCSA League Champions

WSA 98 Girls Red

WSA 99 Boys White

WSA 97 Boys Red 

WSA 99 Girls Red

League Runners-Up

WSA 98 Girls Red

WSA 99 Boys White

State Semifinalist

WSA 92 Boys

WSA 94 Boys

WSA 94 Girls

Oklahoma Premiere League Teams

WSA 98 boys, WSA 98 Girls Red, WSA 97 boys Red, WSA 96 Boys Red, WSA 95 boys, WSA 95 girls, WSA 94 boys, WSA 94 girls, WSA 93 girls, WSA 93 boys Red, WSA 92 boys

Southern Premiere League Teams

WSA 94 Boys

WSA 93 Boys


"In great deed something abides.  On great fields, something stays.  Forms change and pass, bodies disappear but spirits linger to consecrate ground for the vision place of the soul. And reverent men and women from afar and generations that know us not and that we know not of, shall come here to ponder and to dream and the power of the vision shall pass into their souls."