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Landmark and Memorable Moments



KENNINGTON'S TACKLE: State Cup 2003 WSA 85 boys are playing Nationals 85 boys and in front of the WSA Bench a Nationals player pops off to WSA Coach Roger Bush.  Bush hears Coach Josh Mac say under his breath "Oh Boy", and then sees winger Joey Kennington fly in from 15 yards away at full speed for a bone crunching tackle on the player who had just popped off.  Kennington upends the Nationals player, comes away with the ball, to no whistle, returns to push the ball through the wobbly legs of the Nationals player, leaves a comment (censored here), "Don't talk to my stinkin coach like that" and has his way down the right flank.  Moments later the Nationals player is subbed, reamed by legendary coach Moreland.  Two days later the two sides meet again the State Final and Kennington has earned full respect to all of his newly acquired territory down the right flank. 

BROWN & BUSH'S BELLYSLIDE: Tulsa Cup approximately 1997.  Marc Brown takes off from about the halfline splitting the defense of Southern Cross SC, grabbed at the halfline by a would be tackler he breaks free with ball on his feet, in effort to kick him down two defenders miss as Brown maintains his balance, and thwarts off a final attempt to bring him down by literally dragging another defender along as he slips in a goal Thierre Henry style.  Simultaneously Coach Roger Bush is hobbling along sideline, fresh off knee surgery, but makes a speedy sideline burst to meet Brown at the corner flag for a goalscoring celebration that includes Brown and Bush belly sliding head first to the corner flag, followed by the rest of the WSA 80 team.