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WSA Canned Food Drive Success!

95 Girls & 96 Boys Blue Winners!

The WSA Soccer Club collected and donated approximately 1,000 cans of food items for the Sand Springs Community Services this past week.  WSA Coordinator Kevin King called the event a success, as did Community Services Executive Director Judy Treat.  Click here to read more...

95 Girls & 96 Boys Blue Earn Team Prize

      WSA PR Director, Kevin King, drummed up a little competition and an outreach effort, and on a week's notice his fellow club members responded!  On Monday, November 21st, in a cold driving rain, members of WSA showed up to drop off approximatley 1,000 cans and boxes of food for the needy, which have since been donated to Sand Springs Community Services.  Community Service Executive Director, Judy Treat, called it a "huge success!".  

      The effort, a component of WSA's CAP's Program (Community Action Program), was brainstormed by Coach Kevin King, and coordinated by Coach King.  He offered an incentive to the WSA teams turning out the largest donation.  The 96 Boys Blue and 95 Girls both exceeded 200 cans donated.  

      WSA 95 Girls captain, Valerie Nierenberg, led the charge for her team by directing the collection and drop-off efforts.  "Val took charge of the team's efforts and deserves the credit for getting this done," reported her Coach, Randy Williams.  Val is another great example of the model "person" WSA is proud to have associated with it's program! "The ambition, responsibility, and servant attitude of some of our young people is exemplary," reported WSA Director of Coaching, Roger Bush.  

      Coach Brad Bates looked for help from his u16's but admitted he was the main cog in the effort to get it done.  "Yes.  I set it up at work and folks pitched in!  We wanted to help out and we also had our eyes set on the prize," claimed 96 Boys Blue head coach, Brad Bates.  The prize Coach Bates was referencing is the FREE TEAM ENTRY FEE to the 2011 WSA Polar Bear Showcase tournament.  The 94 boys and 94 girls made the competition somewhat "suspenseful" but in the end the 96 boys blue and 95 girls trumped all. 

       Special thanks to all the teams, families and players who participated and promoted this Community Action event!  Special thanks to coordinator and brainstormer Kevin King!  A great example of our community, our purpose, and who we are!  

       Happy Thanksgiving to all families! 


WSA Coach, Kevin King, led the First Annual WSA Canned Food Drive Competion.  Over 1,000 cans were donated in one week's time!