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Each coach in the club has been assigned a "coaching pod".  This is a collection of coaches in banded age divisions (i.e. all 01 Girls and 00 Girls coaching staff are assigned to a pod, and all 00 Girls and 99 Girls coaching staff are assigned to a pod).  

The coaches have been provided a large roster pool of the nearly 1,000 players in the WSA Soccer Club.  They will be generating hypothetical rosters, looking at the team formation considerations (see link), and collaborating on "best practices" for team formation with each other.  This is a TEAM EFFORT on the coaches part, on BEHALF of the player.  

The coaching pods will have reported back to the Directors of Coaching by December 1, 2015.  This information from this collaborative report, will then be used by the DOC's to orchestrate a coaching staff alignment, which will be proposed to the coaching staff in January.  

Every player is being reviewed and considered.  Every team is working with the teams both in the same age division, in the age division above, and the age division below.  The process of the coaching pod will produce an outcome resultant of exhaustive review, so that the best interest of every player is considered.