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Insight Personality Instrument Course

Insight COLORS: The Foundation

As part of our Coaching Staff’s professional learning and development; on Saturday Jan/Feb TBA, we will conduct the Insight Personality Instrument course- ‘How to understand people better than they understand themselves.’ Tentatively, the session is scheduled for 10:00am- 3:00pm. Firm timings and details will be communicated nearer the date. The course will be 5 hours in length and refreshments will be provided.

The Insight Personality Instrument is a nationally recognized organizational development tool that provides a common, non-threatening way for people to communicate more effectively. It’s easy to apply and tremendously accurate and uses the colors Blue, Gold, Green and Orange to describe primary personality types or temperament.

With a real understanding of what motivates others, you can communicate more effectively, appreciate and tolerate the differences in others and generally improve personal and professional relationships.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

·       Identify personality preferences with the Spectrum Survey.

·       Understand Blue, Gold, Green and Orange personality styles.

·       Identify the values and strengths of each temperament.

·       Appreciate what makes people tick and why they do the things they do.

·       Discover relationship builders.

·       Use powerful techniques that open lines of communication.

·       Discover what to avoid in reducing stress and conflict in your life.

·       Accentuate personality strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

Targeted Standards:

·       Approachability

·       Building Effective Teams

·       Communication

·       Motivating Others

·       Teamwork


As a member of the coaching staff, you have been identified as a candidate for this course; therefore please plan to be available for the session and inform Roger or myself as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. This session should prove an enjoyable break from the training ground and will prove beneficial as we prepare for the upcoming spring season.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with you at the end of the month!

Scott Peavler
WSA Technical Director
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(C) 918 720 1534