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At Home Drills

Watch these clips and try to do some of the skills that they teach the kids in the Redbulls Academy

Ball Skills

1) Popcorn
Fast taps between feet, knees slightly bent, NOT straight leg pendulums!
2) Toe Touches
Toe touches moving forward alternating feet. Go forwards first, then backwards. Alternate Feet
3) Skip touches.
Skipping and with each skip a gentle tap with the laces, outside of the foot. Alternate feet.
4) Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap
Using the outside/laces part of foot, as many little touches of ball. First right foot, then back with left foot.
5) Side-Rolls
Side hop rolls moving forward, first right foot then back with left.
6) Roll-Tap-Tap Roll
Outside to inside roll right foot across body, touch forward with left foot.
7) Outside-Outside
Outside foot touches with "fast feet" between touches.
8) Inside-Outside.
Dribbling, cutting the ball across your body with the inside of your foot, and then back the other way with the outside of the same foot.
9) Dribble Cut
Inside of one foot and continue with outside of other foot. Cut back with inside of that foot and continue with outside of other foot

10) Slap Cut
Fake to kick the ball with inside of foot, and roll the ball over the foot and quickly cut the ball back with the outside of the foot. Alternate feet.
11) Pull Backs
Inside to outside roll right foot out to the (right) side, touch forward with right foot. Alternate feet.
12) Drag Push
Drag the ball back with the sole of the foot and then push the ball with the laces part of your boot. Alternate feet
A Few Ideas
Try varying these and experimenting.
1. Inside Outside, try 2 touches inside and then 2 touches outside.
2. For Outside-Outside, try doing a step around/scissors/Ronaldo
3. For the drag push, try a little hop between each one so that you do it a bit faster
4. Keep Challenging Yourself.

 When juggling use both feet and avoid excessive use of the thigh. Using the thigh should only be used sparingly as it is a relatively easy juggle to perform and does not have the benefit of using your feet and head.
 If you struggle, let the ball bounce once between kicks.
 Perform patterns, rather than just kicking the ball aimlessly and chasing it. Eg try left left, right right, left left etc.
 Juggle on a flat surface and use a sightly deflated ball will help too
 Confine juggling to a small area of 5metres by 5metres
 Keep challenging yourself

Ball and a Wall
Spend at least ten minutes passing against a wall.
Again it is best to vary what you are doing, and like juggling, use patterns to challenge yourself to kick the ball in a certain way, with a certain weight and in a certain direction.
1. Use both feet.
2. Use one touch, two-touch, and three-touch pass backs.
3. Pass back with both the instep and inside of feet.
4. Include fake kicks.
5. Keep feet moving and your weight on the balls of your feet.
6. Receive balls with your body square behind the ball and work on accuracy with your passes.