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WSA College Combine Success

 WSA College Combine Success

15 Colleges and 175 Athletes Attend 2009 College Combine

        The 3rd Annual WSA College Combine was held in November at the Rivercity Parks, home grounds of WSA.  Over 15 college programs attended, over 175 athletes participated, and it appeared a great time was had by all.  The scouting combine put several college programs in touch with several of our local players and also allowed WSA to host approximately 75 athletes from San Antonio Lions FC.   


San Antonio & WSA 93 Girls pose for pic at the 2009 College Combine

       The 3rd Annual WSA College Combine provided an evening in which players were taken through training sessions by various college coaches.  The opportunity was provided for coaches to scout players and players to gain some insight into what college coaches expect.  The evening including a round of "mini-friendlies" between WSA and guest clubs Tulsa Nationals and San Antonio Lions FC.

     Following the soccer all participants were treated to a rather large dinner party at the Case Community Center, located on the training grounds at Rivercity Parks.  The dinner party was hosted by a large crop of WSA Volunteers and parents.  Colleges attending included Rogers State, Central Christian, Northeastern State, Bacone College, Northern Oklahoma, Southwestern Kansas, Northwestern Oklahoma State, Oral Roberts University, Cowley College, Missouri Southern, Oklahoma Baptist, Oklahoma Christian, St. Gregory’s University, and Austin College. 

     Teams participating included WSA 93 women, WSA 93 blue men, WSA 93 red men, WSA 92 men, San Antonio Lions 93 men, San Antonio Lions 92 Red Women, San Antonio Lions 92 White Women, San Antonio Lions 93 Red Women, San Antonio Lions 93 White Women, and Tulsa Nationals 93 women.  


WSA CUP TOURNAMENT 2010, April 16-18

      The WSA Cup Tournament will be celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary this year and the club is more excited than ever to bring this event to the Tulsa area.  This year’s event will feature divisions for boys and girls u9 thru u19.  The u9,u10,u11 divisions will play in the 8v8 format, while teams u12 thru u19 will play 11v11 format.  In 2009 92 teams filled the 10 fields at Rivercity Parks to capacity for the weekend event. 

       Tournament Directors, Roger Bush and Nick Bradford, reported that nearly 120 teams from a 5-state area applied for the event, but there was only enough field space and time to allow 92 teams to compete.  This year the event will have added field accommodations, but space will still be limited.  "Preserving the atmosphere and the premium soccer experience must be a priority", reported WSA Board Vice President, Mr. Curt Mcginis.  Teams wishing to reserve the WSA Cup Tournament on their Spring agenda are encouraged to apply early for the 2010 event.

      The event will include the famous family-oriented hospitality that WSA traditionally provides, in addition to several other tournament perks, including video scoreboard venues that will run updated scores in "real-time", on-site customizable tournament tshirts, and a check-in reception on Friday evening.  Over the years the WSA Cup tournament has etched it’s own niche among soccer tournaments with a focus on hospitality.  A shuttle service between parking lots and fields is available for elderly or handicapped, on-site medics are available throughout the event, and this year there are plans in the work to add something extra to the staging of the presentation of the famous WSA Cup Winner’s Trophy to the champion teams.  

     The commitment of WSA to bring the event to the soccer community for an affordable price remains steadfast as well.  This year’s event entry fees are set at a competitively affordable price of $375 for 8v8 teams, and $450 for 11v11 teams.  

     If you have questions or need more information about the 10th Annual WSA Cup Tournament click here or visit the tournaments section on our website.  WSA CUP TOURNAMENT WEBSITE CLICK HERE

WSA 97 Boys Capture League Championship, OPL Promotion

The WSA 97 boys, coached by Wes Branstetter, recently claimed the Green Country Soccer Association "A" division league championship with an unbeaten mark through 10 games.  The team will not only grab a league championship trophy, but the squad will get a true test in Spring 2010 upon promotion to the Oklahoma Premiere League.  [+]W


WSA 97 Boys Red 2009 GCSA League Champions

        WSA 97 boys, the 2009 Fall GCSA League Champions entered the 2009 season under the leadership of Branstetter and staff coaches Chris Taylor and Richard Shaughnessy.  The team, which included many new additions this offseason, got off to an auspicious debut by reaching the semifinals of the BASC Labor Day tourney in September.  

       When the time came to focus on league play the boys seemed up for the challenge, as they moved rather convincingly through the early stages of league play.  At critical moments in the season the team was able to answer the call and Coach Branstetter credited much of the success to a disciplined team defending approach.  However, the coaches all agree there is much work in front of the team as they head into the 2010 campaign.

       Well done and congratulations WSA 97 boys! A 97 Bo

40 Athletes Tested In On Jan 16th - Who’s Better is Better?


Jan 16th Testing completed by over 40 athletes and scores are now online by ID #.  2010 CHAMPIONS: Abbie Woods (95 girls) Sparq Rating 67.8 and Will Hargus (93 boys) Sparq rating 69.8. Test-in. Evaluate. Your decision what to do next!

  Click here for more information about the NIKE SPARQ PHYSICAL COMBINE.  

   Continue to read this article...[+]ys Capture League Champion




      The NIKE Sparq Physical Combine event was held Jan 16th at First Baptist Church in downtown Tulsa.  Special THANK YOU to FIRST BAPTIST and TRENT HAMILTON for providing the facilities for the all day event!  The event drew over 40 WSA players.  And following the grueling testing process Abbie Woods of the WSA 95 girls and Will Hargus of the 93 boys, both were named Champions for their Sparq Rating scores.  Last year’s champions, Lauren Rogers (93 girls) and Sammie Doeninck may return this Spring to defend their 2009 crown.  

    The day included a battery of standardized tests including laser testing in the 40 yd, 20 yd, and L-test, Cooper’s Test, standardized Beep Test, vertical leap test, strength test, inner core test, and others.  The tests simulate an athlete’s preseason conditioning tests for college soccer, and provide a benchmark for fitness standards. 

     Courtney Fielden, WSA 93 girls, reported she had "some areas to work on".  The idea of the testing is to provide feedback for athletes serious about training and serious about improving.  Once athletes have tested the objective is to respond by training to maintain areas of strength and improve areas of weakness.  

     College coach Anson Dorrance, University of North Carolina, reports that he is looking for the "balanced" athlete.  An athlete who is strong in all areas, but not to the point of compromising one area for another.  The scoring ruboric provided attempts to account for what is required to be a balanced athlete at the collegiate level, both strong and powerful, aerobically fit and flexible, and dynamically quick and fast.  

     There is another test-in session planned for later this Spring.  Athletes, especially those with college playing ambitions, are encouraged to attend.  While the scoring is standardized for college freshman level, "any athlete" can partake in the testing.  In fact, Zach Williams, of the 00 boys u10 team, turned out the top Cooper’s Test Score of the event.  Coaches expect the scoring to improve in a few areas once the test is moved to outdoors due to surface traction issues on a gym floor.  

     Are ready to find if your "better is better than our better"?  Consider the test-in session in Spring.  Consider training in the meantime.  Please visit our the "training resources" page on this website to learn more about the NIKE SPARQ testing.  And thanks to all those athletes who had the courage to take on the testing challenge, and the ambition to respond by training harder! 



Consistent Message to Prospective College Athletes



Rogers State University, Oklahoma Baptist University 
and Oral Roberts University Attend

    The 2010 WSA Annual College Seminar was held on Tuesday, January 26th at the Case Community Center at Rivercity Parks.  An unusually small crowd did not affect the message which has been preached to the prospective student-athlete many times over.  Click here to read more.....[+]


   The annual WSA College Search Seminar was held on Tuesday, January 26th, and while an unusually "smaller" crowd turned out, the message was still the same: be proactive!  For years WSA has held the college seminar to outline the steps athletes should take in approaching their search and ambition for college playing opportunities.  While 21st Century technology has revolutionized the methods of exposure and self-promotion, the concept of the athlete initiating the contact remains constant. 

     WSA Directors of Coaching, Roger Bush and Ryan Bush, staged the presentation which included outlining major recruiting rules, highlighting sources of financial aid, and giving insight on eligibility requirements.  Hints on how to handle email correspondence, in person interviews, and college showcase events were given.  The presentation included a question and answer session with a coach panel including coach Bush’s both college coaches at Oral Roberts University, Coach Derek Larkin, Rogers State University, and Coach Brent Coates, Oklahoma Baptist University.  
    Part of the evening was spent on differentiating the different "types" divisions and schools that are present in the college athletic landscape. Coach Larkin and Coach Coates gave the unique insight from an NAIA perspective, while Coach Bush was able to present the NCAA perspective.  Questions in the audience ranged from "what do coaches look for when recruiting", to "how do my team accolades affect my personal resume" to "how important is ODP".  In many cases it was obvious there was a unanimous opinion of the coaches, and in some cases there were varying opinions.

    Since the event was not attended well this year the club will begin to perform individualized team meetings with the freshman to junior level teams that did not attend.  The information presented is considered extremely valuable and relevant to all athletes who plan to attend college, whether they intend to play soccer or not.  Please stay alert if you belong to the 95’s, 94’s, or 93’s on when your individualized team session will be.  Special thanks to Roger’s State, Oklahoma Baptist and Oral Roberts University for their participation.  

    Parents of athletes wishing to learn more about the college search process may visit the "college search" resource section on this website for an outline of the presentation.    





2010 WSA Community Shield Held Saturday, Feb 13
Results Now Posted - Slideshow Video of Winner’s Photos

The 2010 WSA Community Shield event was held this past Saturday, February 13 at Rivercity Parks.  The annual intra-club derbies produced a few classics, a few calls for rematches, and at least two matches that went to penalties.  Click here to read more and view the slideshow of the winners photos....[+]

2010 Community Shield Results Posted

    The 2010 WSA Community Shield event was held this past Saturday, February 13th, ironically one day before Valentine’s Day, a day of "love". The annual event pairs WSA teams against each other in a one day event featuring the intra-club match-ups sometimes referred to as "friendlies".  The day proved to be a friendly one, although a few match-ups weren’t fully of the "friendly" variety.   The winner of the game claims the "Shield" trophy, and also a chance to have their team name etched in the shield for all time.  Historically there have been many classic WSA "intra-club" contests, and Saturday produced a few more. "We want to beat them.  We train with them all the time," one WSA player said, speaking of the intensity of the contest.  
    Two matches went to penalties, one match was postponed due to the snow, and 11 new teams etched their name in history.  The day began, on the chilly Saturday morning, with WSA’s future on center stage in the lone 9 a.m. kick-off, the WSA 03 boys vs WSA 02 girls.  The 03 boys would tally more goals than the 02 girls on their way to getting their name etched on the trophy in their first Shield game of their careers.  

     Following that contest the 99 boys defeated the 99 girls blue, while the 98 girls Red snuck past the 97 girls, and the 98 girls blue squad defeated a combined 99 girls Red/White squad in the 99’s first 11v11 encounter.  In a back and forth contest the 98 boys and 97 boys would go to penalties before the match was decided in dramatic fashion in the final round of penalties!  The 98 boys would later defeat the 99 boys combined blue/white team to earn two shield trophies on the day. The 97 boys Red defeated the 96 boys blue team using a couple of restarts to propel themselves to victory.  

    In a tilt between two state powerhouses, the 92 boys and 93 boys, both 2009 Premiere League Champions, would showcase several future college soccer players.  It was the 92 boys proving superior going out their senior year as Shield holders by winning 2-0.  The WSA 93 girls would defeat the 94 girls by a scoreline of 1-0 in a rematch of last year’s WSA Cup semifinal, scoring 5 minutes from time.  The 95 girls knocked off the 96 girls, and 94 boys defeated the 93 boys blue team. The 95 boys and 96 boys have had a few storied encounters, and Saturday proved no different as the teams drew 2-2 after full time and extra time.  The match was finally decided in penalties with the 96 boys Red team prevailing.

    It turned out to be a great day of soccer, showcasing many of the club’s players and teams, and giving parents and coaches a preview of the upcoming Spring season.  For complete results and a slideshow of the winner’s photos you can visit the Community Shield page.  Congrats to all the winners!  And thanks to all for participating in a great spirit of camaraderie and passion that the game deserves!   

 2010 Community Shield Slideshow


WSA Teams Dominate at Friendship Cup
4 out of 5 Team Represent The Side in Friendship Cup Finals

     West Side Alliance Soccer Club sent 5 teams to Thunder’s Annual Friendship Cup tournament, and by Sunday 4 of "The Side’s" squads had reached the championship finals for a dominating performance! Click here to read more... [+] 

 WSA Teams Dominate at Friendship Cup

4 out of 5 Team Represent The Side in Friendship Cup Finals

   Tulsa -- West Side Alliance Soccer Club sent five teams to the Thunder Friendship Cup and at the end of the event 4 teams had reached the finals, and 2 were crowned champions.  The 94 boys, 93 boys, 94 girls, 95 girls, and 98 girls all attended the event held the weekend of April 10-11 at Valley Park Sports Complex.  

  The WSA 94 boys won two games and lost a squeaker 1-0 to a tough Topeka Select team which ousted them from the final stage.  Playing with ten men due to an ejection the 94’s could not muster the energy for an equalizer.  

  The WSA 98 girls, who have now accounted for an unbeaten streak of 11 consecutive matches, defeated host Thunder France, then defeated Blitz Black 98 girls, then Nationals 98 en route to their championship win over OFC East.  WSA would only need one goal in the final to claim the u12 girls Gold Championship.  

  The WSA 93 boys would defeat Hurricane 94 in the championship after having a fairly easy trip to the final in the early stages.  WSA 93 would notch the 2-0 win to claim yet another championship trophy, one of many they already have in their trophy case.  

  The WSA 94 girls and WSA 95 girls both would drop their championship matches.  WSA 95 was defeated by Hurricane Beattie, but coach Billy Wallace was proud of his girls efforts to reach the final after knocking off a tough Thunder Italy team in the first round.  Coach Josh Mac knew his 94 girls would need a strong performance in their opening match against Collierville Lady Lobos, and he got just that in a 3-2 win.  TSC 94 would prove too much in the final as they prevailed 2-0, but Coach Josh focused on the recent streak of good football the ladies have been turning in as a positive.   

  Congratulations to all the teams on strong performances on the weekend and for representing "The Side" with class and pride.  See finalist photos below:


WSA 95 Girls 2010 Friendship Cup Runners-Up!

WSA 98 Girls Red 2010 Friendship Cup CHAMPIONS!

WSA 94 GIRLS 2010 Friendship Cup Runners-Up!

WSA 93 BOYS Red 2010 Friendship Cup CHAMPIONS!

WSA 98 Girls Red - How Many Can Fit on a Golf Cart? 

WSA Assistant Director of Coaching presenting awards to the WSA 98 Girls Red Team (or looking at the concession menu?).