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March 2008

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March 2008
2nd Annual WSA Community Shield Winners
The 2nd Annual WSA Community Shield event was played this past weekend, February 23-24th at the Rivercity Parks facilty in Sand Springs. WSA teams were drawn together into intra-club fixtures that pitted many same-age or close to age division rivals against each other in preseason "friendlies" to help kick-off the Spring 2008 season. Friendlies of course is a loose term in these heated rivalries. WSA has a history of several hotly contested derbies within the club. This weekend would prove no different as four matches ended regular time in a draw, and several others were closely fought. This weekend's matches were rescheduled from the previous weekend due to weather, and while Sunday proved to be beautiful soccer weather for the senior matches, Saturday's junior matches were played in blustery conditions. 

The senior matches on Sunday featured several of the state's top ranked teams and the match play and competition did not disappoint. In the nightcap the WSA 92 girls defeated the WSA 90 girls by a scoreline of 1-0 in rivalry that began this past summer. Amber Pickering would grab the goal on a smashing shot 20 yards out in the 31st minute of the first half. WSA 90 put up a battle, but the 4th ranked 92 girls team in Oklahoma, WSA 92, would counter any chances from WSA 90. WSA 94 boys sought some vindication from last seasons tough loss to the 93's in penalties, by coming from behind a 3-goal margin at half to get to penalties again. This time the squad looked to goalkeeper Tyler McIntosh to turn away a penalty in the final round, and Alex Townsend to send home the winner. Chris Orduna created or scored all three of the 94's 2nd half goals. 

WSA 91 boys and WSA 90 boys battled to a 2-2 stand-off and left matters tied. WSA 98 girls defeated the WSA 97 girls in penalties after a 2-2 draw at the end of regulation. It marked the 98 girls second consecutive Community Shield trophy. The WSA 95 girls proved that girls can get it done by sending the 96 boys red team away with a 3-0 defeat, marking the team's second consecutive Shield trophy. The game was hyped as "the game" and the 95 girls did not let down. 

In other contests WSA 94 boys defeated WSA 95 boys, WSA 92 boys defeated WSA 92 blue, WSA 00 girls defeated WSA 01 boys, WSA 92 girls defeated WSA 93 girls, WSA 97 boys defeated WSA 98 boys, and WSA 00 boys and WSA 99 boys tied 4-4. WSA 96 girls red and blue, WSA 96 blue boys, WSA 94 boys blue, and WSA 94 girls did not play due to other conflicts. 

WSA 00 Girls 3 WSA 01 Boys 2
WSA 00 Boys 4 WSA 99 Boys 4 (declared draw)
WSA 97 Boys 4 WSA 98 Boys 2
WSA 98 Girls 2 WSA 97 Girls 2 (98's win on penalties)
WSA 95 Girls 3 WSA 96 Boys Red 0 
WSA 94 Boys 3 WSA 93 Boys 3 (94's win on penalties)
WSA 92 Girls 2 WSA 93 Girls 0 
WSA 92 Boys 5 WSA 92 Boys Blue 0
WSA 94 Boys 7 WSA 95 Boys 0
WSA 92 Girls 1 WSA 90 Girls 0
WSA 91 Boys 2 WSA 90 Boys 2 (declared draw)
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