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February 2008

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February 2008

WSA 93 Boys League Champions
The WSA 93 boys turned things around this past Fall season by focusing on organization, capitalizing, and defending.  The end result was an almost perfect record in a 10 game season, with only one draw, and a GCSA League Championship trophy.  The team has always been in the upper half of league competition, a goal here or a goal there away.  This season the squad claimed it's place as champion in undeniable fashion by winning the league title at least 7 points clear of the next contender. 
The squad found itself in great shape early on in league play by opening with four early wins.  A key win later in the season over Sheffield proved to be a big difference maker, and the team would roll into championship lane late in the season by mathematically clinching the title with still 3 games to play. 
WSA 93 utilized an organized backline, and an organized and structured attack, but most importantly the team relied on work ethic and commitment to defending.  The team's commitment and attitude went a long ways towards their success this past season.  

WSA 93 boys are coached by Joey Kennington, and their team manager is Mrs. Cammie Laporte.  The team will next compete in the Spring GCSA league and the WSA Cup.  

Congratulations WSA 93 boys on a great season, and good luck on the next campaign!

WSA 96 Boys Red League Champions
The WSA 96 boys red team was in a dogfight with Ponca City and Blitz throughout the season in one of the closest fought GCSA league races this Fall.  In the end WSA 96 Red edged out all contenders and claimed their first league championship trophy in their young careers.
The league race was as close and dramatic as league races get. It was nothing out of the ordinary for the 96 boys red team, who at first glance gives themselves away as having a "flare" for the "dramatic".  With three early draws that put WSA 96 out of contention earlier on the team got a huge win against Blitz three quarters of the way through the season which put them in contention.  But they did not clinch the title until the final whistle blew on the season with a 2-1 away victory over Bartlesville United as they earned 24 points to Blitz's 23 and Ponca City's 22.
WSA 96 boys red relied on free flowing midfield, a structured backline, and a bold attitude.  The team took advantage of chances, came from behind, held on to leads, and in a few contests the boys simply played "out of their skins".  

WSA 96 red was looking to avenge a bitter taste from their previous tournament outings by focusing on league play, with a goal of qualifying for the Oklahoma Premiere League.  The focus paid dividends. The league championship result would have qualified the team for the OPL, except OSA abandoned the promotion concept this Spring.  That notwithstanding the 96 boys Red achieved their goal, and are focused to prove they belong in the premiere league as they attempt to defend their title this coming Spring. 
The WSA 96 boys red team is coached by Joey Kennington, and team manager is Mrs. Amy Smith.
Congratulations WSA 96 boys red for a great season, and for always representing your families, your club, and your community with class and respect.  And good luck in your title defense!

WSA 92 Girls Add Another Trophy; League Runners-Up
The WSA 92 girls team played their first 12 tournament games, and their first 9 league games without a defeat.  Had they extended their unbeaten streak by one game they would have notched an almost perfect season.  However, the team fell on hard times in one of their final games of the season against Nationals 93, going down to 9 men on the road due to ejections, and the loss gave Nationals the championship and saw the 92 girls settling for the runner-up trophy in the 11 team league.  The only blemishes on the record for WSA 92 were a 1-1 draw with Nationals 92 and a 0-0 draw with WSA 93 (who finished 4th in the 11-team race).  

WSA 92 girls proved their pace and speed out wide and up top would be difficult for anyone to defend, and the only thing that really slowed the girls down were smaller sized fields that negated their running room.  The team boasted great play all the way around, from their backline, through the center of the park in the midfield, to their wingers and forwards. 
WSA 92 recently returned from the College Showcase of the South where the team defeated Memphis FC, state semifinalist, Lady Lobos, state finalist, and lost 1-0 to Little Rock FC, state finalist.  WSA 92 literally tore out of the gates this summer with high intensity training, and the work rate and commitment to team has paid off in more ways than one.  The girls have learned to respect hard work and commitment, and their tangible awards are four winners medallions from every competition so far.  

The WSA 92 girls are coached by Michael Beyer and team manager is Mrs. Kelly Geiger. 

Congratulations WSA 92 girls on an excellent season and for continuing to represent our club and soccer community with class and dignity. 
WSA 97 Boys Blue Claims League Trophy
The WSA 97 boys blue team surprised even their coaching staff as they got off to a great start on their young careers by claiming a third place trophy in the GCSA u11 boys league this past Fall.

The team had an auspicious debut in their preseason tournament games when they managed wins against some top teams from the area, and narrowly missed advancing in the BASC Labor Day tournament.  The team then began to make waves in their league matches.  While the coaching staff remained committed to "player development", the results continued to roll in.  In fact the team wound up being a bounce here and there away from a 2nd place or possible championship trophy in league.
WSA 97 boys blue are coached by Wes Branstetter and Josh McElroy, and the team manager is Mr. and Mrs. Bakewell.  

Well done lads on a great first season together!
Respect Everyone... FEAR NO ONE! 
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