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Left Foot Studios Academy Partners with WSA Soccer

Dallas Club Founded by Brek Shea Becomes WSA Affiliate

       Left Foot Studio Soccer Academy, out of Dallas, Texas, and West Side Alliance Soccer Club, have officially announced a formal partnership between their youth academies.  Left Foot Studio, founded by U.S. National Team player, Brek Shea, will partner with WSA Soccer through training, games, camps, and other ventures.  Read more... 

Dallas Youth Soccer Program, featuring Brek Shea, Partners with West Side Alliance

                 Left Foot Studio Soccer Academy out of Dallas, Texas, and West Side Alliance Soccer Club, have announced a formal partnership effective July 1, 2013.  Both organizations believe the partnership will be immediately benefiical to their youth academies, and long term beneficial to the entire vertical program.  

    A few hallmarks of the partnership include:

  •         Home/Away Club Friendly Series
  •         LFS Camp & Brek Shea Camp at WSA Grounds
  •         Playing Pool Cooperation (forming select teams to attend premiere events)
  •         Tournament Support
  •         Coach Exchange Program (weeklong visit by LFS staff to WSA/Tulsa & WSA Staff to LFS/Dallas)
  •         Pre-ECNL and Pre-Academy (national leagues) Exposure through LFS Affiliates

             The partnership will link up the two programs essentially as "sister programs" in different states.  Sharing similar philosophies on the development of the youth player, the perspective taken toward youth competition, and of course soccer training, made the partnership feasible and in the end "ideal". 

            "This is a tremendous opportunity for WSA Soccer, for our families currently in the academy program, and for the future of our entire program," reported WSA Director of Coaching, Roger Bush.  
             Joey Kennington and Michael Moritz, Coaching Directors for Left Foot Studio Soccer, are both familiar with WSA Soccer. Kennington played for the nationally ranked WSA 85 boys side, that reached the state finals in 2003, and then led the WSA Academy for a 3-year stint, and Moritz played for WSA 88 boys, the first WSA team in club history to earn a state championship title.  Both went on to collegiate careers, and have spent the past decade coaching, Kennington for Solar Chelsea recently, and Moritz for NIKE Chance ID program.  

             The partnership includes an opportunity for the two academies to form "select" teams for events.  "This opportunity is unique, because we will "literally" be bringing families together from two different states to play soccer.  Not just cross-training, but also team formation, and practices.  The opportunity to do this in a cost-effective, logistical friendly manner, on behalf of parents and players is extraordinary," Bush further reported.  

              Left Foot Studio Soccer is known for their "Believe, Dream, Imagine" training concept, which places emphasis on player creativity.  The program includes several ball mastery training concepts, inside the LFS "imagination" program, which is a perk of the relationship. "Anytime succesful programs can share ideas on behalf of kids, this is a good thing," commented Bush.  

              A further bonus of the partnership includes the involvment of U.S. National Team player, Brek Shea (pictured below w/ the US National Team).  Brek Shea, member of Major League Soccer’s FC Dallas, has been called into action for the U.S. National Team several times the past few years.  Pending World Cup duties for summer 2014, WSA players could have a special guest at one of the WSA Summer Camps! 

             "This partnership makes sense.  It is practical, logistical, and there is a direct and real benefit for youth players in both organizations," reported WSA Director of Coaching, Roger Bush.  

              WSA is proud to welcome Left Foot Studios as a new partner and affiliate, and is excited and looking forward to the relationship and the future cooperation between LFS and WSA Soccer.  

             Visit the Left Foot Studio Soccer Website.