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1992-1999 "The Team w/ Attitude"

WSA '81 Girls Team History
WSA 81 Girls Team Poem
"The team w/ Attitude"
Heather Barnes
Jennifer Bennett
Jeanine Bennett
Ashley Cahwee
Jymmi Cosby
Ashley Dooley
Kyndal Dooley
Maryith-Ann, Furchess
Brandi Gramm
Sara McGee
Erica Farris
Tiffani Gish
Julie Lauterbach
Stacey Marshall
Abbey Meyer
Megan Moore
Heather Moss
Kara Muskrat
Kristin Rogers
Rachel Shibley
Christi Simpson
Bridget Sontag
Laura Walker
Once upon a time…
            A dream was born
Of hearts already
            Tattered and torn
A team of girls
            WSA 81 their name
Bound by unity
            Lost by fame
Clad in navy
            They played with Pride
From each heart
            Their Hope supplied
Still on course
            Though dark it seems
Their hearts aglow
            Ignite their dreams
“You need an Attitude”
            Their coach decides
Astounded, he watched
            As they belly-slide
Their coach so bold
            As to proclaim
“I’ll belly-slide too…”
            “But not this game.”
A goal away
            A contest lost
Upon the waves
            Their season tossed
Rough waters travel
            Where they may,
But will not carry
            This team away
Like the Christmas Tree
            Of Charlie Brown
Amongst the others
            They’ll be found
Not as splendid
            Nor as bold
But with a fever
            That fights the cold
He knows amongst them
            Hidden talents lie
A vast potential
            Beyond sea and sky
So the field
            Their only stage
A place for story
            And dream to engage
A story modest
            From the very start
“Till a star is born
            From their “burning hearts”
Once upon a time
            A dream was born
Of hearts already
            Tattered and torn.
  • 1999 Oklahoma State Semifinalis
  • 1999 BASC Express College Showcase Runners-Up
  • 1998 Valley Park Turkey CupCHAMPIONS
  • 1998 GCSA Fall League Runners-Up
  • 1998 GCSA Labor Day Invitational Runners-Up
  • 1998 GCSA Spring LeagueCHAMPIONS
  • 1997 GCSA Fall League Runners-Up
  • 1997 Heartland Showcase Semifinalist
  • 1997 GCSA Labor Day Invitational Runners-Up
  • 1997 GCSA Spring League Runners-Up
  • 1995 GCSA Labor Day Tournament CHAMPIONS
  • 1995 GCSA Fall League Runners-Up
  • 1995 GCSA Spring LeagueCHAMPIONS