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1992-1999 "The Men in the Arena"

WSA ’80 Boys Team History
Few teams have had a stronger sense of brotherhood, a deeper purpose, or more resolve to win in any sport, in any era, in any place.  The WSA 80 boys, against the odds, defying nay sayers, and without much need for respect from anyone but themselves helped lay the foundation and groundwork for the WSA soccer club today.  No less than 12 of the players were teammates from u8 on.  It was not the traditional competitive soccer team for Tulsa’s soccer scene.  Formed from the roots of neighborhood ties and familyfriendships that persist today, the WSA 80 boy’s legacy is forever.  These were the "Men in the Arena" who "silenced the critics".  

The WSA 80 boys were formed in the Summer of 1992 as a u13 boys competitive 
team under the umbrella of the newly formed WSA soccer club.   Under the 
direction of WSA guru, Kevin, "Coach Mac", McAllister, the squad embarked on some 
rocky waters in it’s first season, including a memorable lowpoint, an 18-0 loss 
to Texas Longhorns in the Labor Day tournament.   Without a win to it’s name 
the team limped into the Spring season under the direction of the Guru’s 
apprentice, Roger Bush.   That season the team adjusted to the ways of competitive soccer (and got to play some much weaker competition) to go undefeated in the "D" Divison of the u14 GCSA division for a league championship, and narrowly missed a chance to tie the defending Oklahoma State Champions in the Tulsa Cup, losing 1-0, and offering hope for a long and memorable journey for the team members.  

WSA 80 captured another league title the following season, Fall of 1993, 
playing this time in the "B" division. Assistant Coach, Kenny Isaacs, and his infamous Dragons squad would merge with the team, and “Mama Isaacs” would take over as manager and become one of Tulsa’s most notable (and audible) soccer moms.   It would mark the final time the WSA 80 boys would play at anything other than the "premier" or "A" division level.  At this level WSA brought home no fewer than 5 league trophies.  

During it’s tenure WSA 80 boys defeated state champion squads on 50 different 
ocassions, and by the time the boys reached the u16 level they were ready to 
take their chances with pereniall state, regional, and national powerhouse 
Tulsa Pride 80.  One of WSA 80’s highlights was a 2-1 defeat to Tulsa Pride 80 at 
the Sand Springs Soccer Complex in a league match which pitted the two 
undefeated sides for the "A" or Premiere Division u16 league championship.  

In front of a large home crowd WSA narrowly missed several chances to lead 
the match  The match stayed level at 1-1 until the final 10 minutes when a 
misdirected shot slipped past WSA goalkeeper Dustin Dinsmore to give Pride 80 the 
win.  WSA did not manage a win over Pride 80 until 1999, their u19 year.  It 
was the only win over their rivals, but several memorable matches were in 

WSA 80 finished runner-up in the "A" or Premiere division on 5 different 
ocasssions, and twice went undefeated in that division.   The team made the finals 
and won trophies in many of the region’s top tournaments including:   GCSA Labor Day Invitational, Tulsa Cup, BASC Memorial Day Inviational, 
Dallas Inter Invitational, Ozark Classic Cup, Valley Park Turkey Cup, Broken 
Arrow College Showcase, USA Cup, and SuperClubs Regionals.  

In 1997 the team advanced to the round of 16 in the USA Cup "A" flight losing 
in penalties, and finsihing 12th out of a field of over 70 teams from around 
the world.  In 1998 the team returned to the USA Cup to better that 
performance by reaching the semifinal stage of the "A" flight, finshing fourth out of 
the 50 team field, only being outsted by South Dakota’s State ODP team in the semis.
  One of the team’s most notable performances was a 10-1 smashing win over Tulsa Thunder 81 at the West Bank soccer complex.  The win was impressive considering Thunder 81 would later go on to qualify for nationals by winning the southern regional and finishing fourth in the nation.  WSA strung 10 consecutive wins together over Thunder 81 over their final five seasons.  WSA also avenged their low point by defeating Texas Longhorns in the Dallas Inter Invitational as a u16 squad.  The Longhorns had beaten WSA 80 18-0 in u13’s in Tulsa.  
The team was eliminated from the Oklahoma State Cup  for four consecutive years by the eventual Oklahoma State Champion in pool play.  As u15’s the team was ousted by Pride 80, then as u16’s by Celtic 80, and then as u17’s by Pride 80, and as u18’s by Celtic 80.  In each of those years Pride and Celtic would win the State Championship and their closest encounters by score margin were with their first round opponent, WSA 80.  The string of unlucky draws in pool play helped keep WSA 80 one of Tulsa’s best kept secrets.  But in 1999 WSA was considered a contender and even a favorite at the Oklahoma State Cup.

In their u19 year WSA 80 became a favorite to challenge Tulsa Pride 80 for 
the state cup.  WSA was elminated in the semfinals by OKC Royals 80 by a score 
of 3-1.  WSA played the majority of the match with 9 men due to ejections.  WSA 
had given Tulsa Pride a scare in the first round pool play by leading 1-0 a 
good deal of the match.  That year Tulsa Pride went on to win Southern 
Regionals, and make the national championship final match where they lost 5-4, after 
leading 4-1.  WSA 80 finished that year nationally ranked in the top 50 
(although many on the team believe they were top 10).

In 1999 the WSA 80 boys squad returned for one more get together at a team reunion in which every player,  except Barry Roberts, returned to rekindle friendships and celebrate the team’s memorable journey.  Several team members of WSA 80 went on to play college sports.  Below is a list of the team members of the WSA 80 boys squad.
"The Men in the Arena..." 
Ryan Bush -- played at Bacone College 2000, played at ORU 2001 and 2002
                    currently is head men’s coach at ORU and assistant director of coaching at WSA

Nick Glosson -- attended Oklahoma State University, buys nieces and nephews toys at Toys'R US

Gary Holmes -- attended Oklahoma State University  

Zach Brown -- attended Oklahoma State University     
*** Nick, Gary, and Zach combined to win back to back all campus Intramural Championships at OSU.  

Dustin Dinsmore -- graduated from SMU after receiving a full sholarship, married and has kids, living in Colorado

Graham McAllister -- graduated from Naval Academy in 2002, married summer of 2013, attended by teammates Kevin King and Shawn Byerly

Shawn Byerly -- pursued international studies at OU, still normally "up to something"

Andrew Pinkerton -- pursued international studies at OU

Marc Brown -- basketball scholarship to NSU

Keith Hooks -- still trying to win the lottery

Michael Daniel -- played one year at Bethel, Tennessee and now attends OSU

Yer Yang -- played two years at Northern Oklahoma JC and now plays for Los 
Lobos, married with at least 5 kids!

Matt Riddle -- football scholarship to Southwestern Kansas

Aaron Baker -- basketball scholarship to Southeastern Oklahoma

David Baker -- basketball scholarship to Southeastern Oklahoma

Barry Roberts -- attended OU; married Vangie, October 2003, has two kids Lucas and Niccolas, assistant director of Coaching at WSA

Kevin King -- football scholarship to University of Central Oklahoma, married Kim, has two kids, Kynlee and Keelynn, assistant DOC for WSA, director of PR, coached WSA 96 Girls and 98 girls blue, and currently WSA 03 Girls... 

Timmy Cartwright -- most likely fishing or hunting

Eric Isaacs -- teaches scuba diving; works for his father’s company

Pedro Colina -- received soccer scholarship to Tyler JC, then transferred to 
Bacone College, played professionally in Mexico; coached for WSA for 4 years; currently coaches w/ OK Arsenal in his hometown of Muskogee 

Josh MacElroy -- received soccer scholarship to Bacone College, plays for 
Tulsa Roughnecks, coaches for WSA
Aaron Able – received soccer scholarship, probably still running really fast down the left side of something
Kiah Smith --- coaches HS Soccer in Oklahoma, played college football, still capable of breaking up fights as needed

Coach Roger Bush -- coached the WSA 85 boys, WSA 84 boys, and WSA 83 boys, and WSA 89 girls and WSA 90 girls to a state final appearance, and wages arguments with 85 and 80 players over who is WSA’s all time best team; Currently director of coaching for WSA, and coach at Oral Roberts University
Assistant Coach Kenny Isaacs – Still runs Isaacs Surveying; and occasionally makes it out to a soccer game
Manager, Vicki “Mama” Isaacs – Still helps manage Isaacs Surveying, still feeds stray cats, and showed up for the 85 and 84 WSA state finals games 5 years after the 80's had graduated... Still probably loud!