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5 DIFFERENT SETTINGS OF A TRANSPARENT EVALUATION PROCESS:  The player evaluation process is open, transparent, and strives to be objective, non-biased, and fair to all players.  It is important to acknowledge that WSA recognizes that player-coach relationships can impact evaluations and ultimately decisions, either positively or negatively.   WSA desires to be an organization that retains relational qualities in every process, as a community organization. At the same time WSA desires to create a Player Placement process that creates pathways to mitigate the player-coach relationship to help assist in objectivity and fairness.  The following are the 5 principal settings used for player evaluations for the purpose of "player placement". 

1. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT EVALUATIONS OF CURRENT WSA PLAYERS:  Players are evaluated throughout the entire time they spend playing soccer at WSA, which includes the most recent season.  These evaluations take place by the current coaching staff, and also by the club’s technical staff, assigned to provide feedback on players from fresh and objective perspective.  These evaluations are annual, and are increased in frequency during the Spring in closer proximity to the Player Placement Process for the subsequent year.  This evaluation is of high priority, because the player is evaluated in her/his natural environment, without the pressures of a normal trial or tryout, and the evaluation is more comprehensive than that of a single tryout or trial session.   Coaches, technical staff, coaching directors all might be attending games or even training sessions, unbeknownst to player and generating an evaluative portfolio for the player. 

2. COLLABORATIVE STAFF EVALUATIONS:  Each Age Group is designed to be coordinated by an Age Group leader, who organizes regular meetings amongst the age group staff.  These meetings include and are open to all coaching staff, assistants, head coaches, and technical and coaching directors.  The primary purpose of these Age Group Staff Meetings is to develop community, in the effort to promote one of WSA’s primary values “Belonging to Something Bigger than Ourselves”.   A secondary purpose is to generate a collaborative environment in determining the “best fit” for all players.  Each coach becomes invested in EACH PLAYER in the age division, and the advocacy range for the player is expanded. 

3. AGE GROUP/OPEN SESSION EVALUATIONS:  Similar to collaborative staff evaluations, the Age Group leaders will direct and coordinate several age group sessions throughout the year.  These sessions will include staff from within the age group, and external technical staff and directors who can help provide fresh perspective, non-biased and objective evaluations of players while in their natural training environment. These sessions have the primary goal of socializing the WSA player by the value of a “sense of belonging to community and something bigger than one’s self”.  They also can be used evaluatively and to help introduce players to various staff throughout the age division and staff to various players throughout the age group.

4. TRYOUT/OPEN SESSION, TWO-STEP MODEL:  Beginning on or after the National Signing Day for club soccer (which has been May 1 for more than the past decade) the club will post dates for club “tryouts” and “open sessions”.  These provide direct opportunities for players to participate in an actual tryout. 

The club has designed a step-wise model in which the club’s National/Regional League Platform teams will begin the tryout process, and the statewide league platform teams will have tryouts that ensue.  These two steps might be separated by dates or fields, or both depending on the annual club calendar cycle.

5. NEW PLAYER EVALUATIONS: New players may request to be evaluated by WSA Staff.  There is an open form via the WSA Website that can be completed to request this.  New players should initiate contact, expressing their interest in WSA Soccer and be pursuant to requesting evaluations.  WSA Soccer requires coaches to adhere to all league and state association recruiting rules to which WSA is a member.  This requires the "new player" interested in joining WSA to be proactive if they currently are a member of a different club inside WSA's network of league platforms or state associations. NOTE: New players who are out of the area, or not currently registered in a WSA-network league or association are welcome to attend participate freely in WSA hosted sessions.