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Fees and Explanation


Frequently Asked Question’s

  1. Why do we pay coaching dues?
  2. Why do we pay monthly dues in December, January, and February when teams may not train and our coach does not work?
  3. Why pay coaches for months when they do no work?
  4. Why pay for 11 months?
  5. Why does WSA not charge more?
  6. Why do fees occasionally increase? 
  7. Do paying members cover the cost of financial assistance players at WSA? 
  8. How does WSA afford such a large financial assistance budget?
  9. Does my coach get punished because our team has more financial assistance players?
  10. Are there other expenses not covered in the monthly club dues?  
A:  WSA, like all competitive soccer clubs in Oklahoma, pay for the services of their coaches.  WSA coaches are highly qualified and are selected and hired through a process that maintains high standards for conduct and instructional background.  There is a demand for these services nationwide, and much like any activity, parents are expected to pay for top level instruction.  WSA coaches are compensated for their time, energy, and expertise.  Every coach on WSA’s staff is either nationally licensed, a former pro/collegiate player or coach, has extensive playing/coaching experience at advanced levels, or some combination of those.  RETURN TO TOP 

 #2 Q: Why do we pay monthly dues in December, January, and February when teams may not train and our coach does not work?  

A:  Coaches are paid for those months per their contract with the club, which pays them for 11 months of the year, July thru May.  The coach pay, and the members' fees are amortized over 11 months.  Coaches are estimated to work over 170 hours in a given soccer year.  Even though players and coaches sometimes take a brief holiday from the “field” during the winter months, the club operating expenses are also ongoing throughout the year.  A large portion of your monthly installment will cover the club’s operating expenses (see monthly installments above).RETURN TO TOP  

#3 Q: Why pay coaches for months when they do no work?

A:  It is important for parents to understand that the club has contracted with the coaches for the “entire” year.  Coaches often times have “off season office” duties with respective teams.  So even though they are not working on the field, they may be attending to other business equally important to your team’s function (see coach’s expectations, under “coaches” on the WSA website).  At minimum throughout the year a team will play 25 matches, and conduct 50 training sessions. Remember only a portion of the monthly dues are applied towards training fees. On average most parents at WSA pay well under $2 per “session” your coach meets with the team. RETURN TO TOP 

A: This is a good and logical question.  We have simplified and budgeted payments into 11 monthly installments for the convenience of parents.  While you pay in December, those monies are not necessarily directed at December’s training fees.  Rather than charge parents a greater monthly fee for less number of months, the fees are “spread out” to assist parents with cash flow. Team coaches will commit to approximately 100 sessions (training, games, and classroom) for the year on behalf of your team.  In addition to that coaches have requirements with respect to continuing education, in-house education, administrative and managerial work for the team, player evaluations, and their own coach evaluations.  We have estimated that you are paying your coach approximately $5/hour for the year's work.    RETURN TO TOP 

A: WSA remains committed to being steered by our mission and purpose which explicitly states to create an affordable, first class playing environment for ALL kids.  The example of discipline, one of the club’s cornerstones of “player” development, begins at the top, and the management of our resources reflects that discipline is a high priority.  RETURN TO TOP 

A:  Fees increase first and foremost when the WSA board decides that a fee increase is necessary to implement or direct new or ongoing club operations that will benefit the players.  In addition WSA is guided by a 5-year plan which projects expenses and forecasts revenue.  The five-year plan has the goal of allowing WSA to remain a first-class program, with first class facilities and first class coaches, in the competitive soccer culture of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  RETURN TO TOP 

 #7 Q: Do "paying members" cover the cost of the "financial assistance" players at WSA?

A: No.  Financial assistance is covered through application of the principal of "volunteerism".  Coaches work for less pay, coaching directors work for less pay, and club officials, officers, and administrators, are strictly volunteers.  WSA does expect that ALL members embrace a servant like attitude, a generosity and commitment to help others in need, and embrace  the "WSA family concept" which requires each to share gifts of time, talent, and resource.  However, WSA is very up front with the expectation of contribution toward the WSA financial assistance program. The monthly dues are budgeted to apply directly toward operating expenses of the club that benefit the player at a cost that is NOT LESS than the monthly dues.  THE ONLY REQUIRED CONTRIBUTION TOWARD FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE is within the "one time annual registration fee" which is equally contributed by ALL MEMBERS.  RETURN TO TOP 

#8 Q: How does WSA afford such a large financial assistance budget? 

A: Coaches take less pay.  Coaching Director salary is minimal (for fifteen years it was not an expense).  Other director pay is minimal.  Club officers, administrators, and leaders are volunteers.  This reduces expenses in payroll to allow the larger budget of financial assistance.  The club also works hard on club fundraisers, to generate revenue to cover the financial assistance budget.  In addition several kind and generous families offer contributions towards covering aspects of the outreach and assistance effort at WSA.  See the "DONATE" page on the WSA website for opportunities to help. RETURN TO TOP 

#9 Q: Does my coach get punished because our team has more financial assistance players? 

A: No.  The club contracts with each coach before the beginning of the season on his expected pay, and the expected contribution of the team. These amounts are mutually agreed upon by the coach and club, and are unique to each team situation and each team’s history.  The club is committed to removing the "money matter" as much as possible from the "youth sports scene".  Obviously this is not completely possible as money is required to operate and function.  However, there is a strong commitment and passion at WSA in creating fair, equitable, and open opportunities for EVERY player, team, and coach.  RETURN TO TOP 

#10 Q: Are there other expenses not covered in the monthly club dues?

A: Yes.  Each team has it’s own operating budget that includes tournament play, referee fees, and possibly for older teams travel expenses. Each team’s operating budget is unique based on age and level.  Contact the coach of your team to get more information about the expected team fees that are unique to your team.  RETURN TO TOP