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94 Boys, 95 Boys, 95 Girls Take On Best in the Region

West Side Alliance Soccer Club was once again well-represented at the US Youth Soccer Regional Tournament.  This year represents the third consecutive year that at least 2 teams from the club have been invited to the Regional Tournament. Read more click here... 

WSA 94 Boys, WSA 95 Boys, WSA 95 Boys Play in Southern Regionals


       The WSA 94 Boys beat Louisiana state champions on Friday, June 21st, 2013, at the 2013 Southern Regionals in Edmond, Oklahoma, but could not overcome a rash of injuries to the backline to find another point during Saturday and Sunday’s competition.  A good half hour of soccer against TSC 94, the team’s rivals from Oklahoma, was undone by a poor 15 minute start to the 2nd half.  The team then found goalscoring difficult against the Dallas Texans in their final match on Sunday afternoon.  The team needed a win to advance to the Regional semifinals, but could not muster enough finishing for the chances created. 

Members of WSA 94 Boys, WSA 95 Girls, WSA 95 Boys Pose for Photo at Opening Ceremonies of 2013 Southern Regionals.

        While WSA 94 Boys were attempting to defeat the North Texas state champions for the right to reach the Regional Semifinals, the WSA 95 boys simultaneously saw a lead evaporate against North Texas, which if it would have held, would have seen the 95 boys through to the Regional Quarterfinals.  WSA 95 had drawn with Louisiana on Saturday 2-2, after trailing 2-neil, which set up the opportunity to advance from their group if Sunday’s match went well.  The squad made a push to get out of the group stage, but came up short after a valiant effort, and taking a 1-neil lead to the half vs North Texas.  The 95’s were using 6 players from the 97’s, which almost made the feat even more significant, but in the end caught up with the team.  

        The WSA 95/94 girls team ran into a tough Florida, Georgia and Texas team in their Regional Final 4 encounters, and found goals difficult to score, only netting one on the weekend.  The team lost 3-1 to Georgia, 3-neil to Texas, and then ran out of steam on day 3 losing 6-0 to the eventual Regional Champions, Florida, who has now qualified to play in the National Final Four. 

        2013 marked the third consecutive year WSA had at least 2 teams invited to Regionals, and first time as many as 3 teams had competed in the tournament, and was the 6th time in the past 7 years, WSA was one of Oklahoma’s representives at the Regional Tournament.  In 2011 the WSA 92 girls finished 5th in the 12 team field, on a win and a draw, missing the Regional Semifinals on goal difference, after a narrow 1-0 defeat to the national champions in the first round.  In 2012, the WSA 93 boys would make a case for advancing, but surrendered too many goals in their loss to the Regional Champions in the first round to advance.  
        WSA still lays claim as Oklahoma’s only rural club since 1979 to be crowned Oklahoma State Champions, having pulled the feat several times now.  It appears each year the club is closer to placing a team into the 2nd stage of the Regional Tournament as well, which would be measured by some as quite a feat for the West Side.  "We have teams capable and ready to make a splash at the Regional Tournament," WSA Assistant Director of Coaching, Wes Branstetter, reported after his second stint traveling with WSA’s regional contending teams.  "I believe several of our teams are capable, and in the coming years you’ll see WSA teams in the second stages competing for a Regional title, and eventually a national title," claimed Branstetter.